Aircraft Management Service in Los Angeles, CA

The Importance of Executive Aircraft Management

Aircraft Management Service in Los Angeles, CA

Investing in a private aircraft is a big decision. Aircraft safety, oversight, and transparency are critical considerations for any aircraft owner. Finding the best aircraft management possible is also a necessary decision to ensure these bases are covered. Pegasus Aircraft Management understands this importance and has taken a unique approach to their signature brand of aircraft management.

Personalized Aviation

Pegasus Aircraft Management customizes each flight department to the specific requirements, needs and requests of the aircraft owner. Vetting and accepting only 25 aircrafts at a time enables Pegasus Aircraft Management to provide a personalized aviation experience with world class support. Pegasus Aircraft Management handles all plane maintenance, planning, flying, piloting, and insurance. Owners receive a competitive, transparent, and simple approach to management fees without hidden percentages or markups. This unique model allows aircraft owners and crews to operate under the Pegasus Aircraft Management umbrella without restrictions or micromanagement.

Aircraft Management Education & ROI

Pegasus Aircraft Management is taking a new approach to aircraft management- providing education and a clear return on investment. Pegasus Aircraft Management provides the tools to maximize investments: educating its owners about the cost, maintenance and market trends of their aircrafts. Pegasus Aircraft Management provides constant monitoring of trend markets, cash flow analysis, and trade options. This executive approach allows Pegasus Aircraft Management to guarantee a significant return on aircraft investments. Owning a private jet with Pegasus Aircraft Management can open up a world of profit!

The Executive Experience

Personalized aviation, education and a clear ROI give aircraft owners the assurance they deserve. Pegasus Aircraft Management is 100% transparent and informal to all aircraft owners so they can focus on the joy of flying itself. Pegasus Aircraft Management makes traveling as smooth as possible- providing 24/7 international and domestic trip, crew, and maintenance scheduling; dispatching, flight tracking, and flight plan filing.

Once on-board, owners can enjoy the luxuries of their personalized private aircraft. Upon landing at their destinations, owners can arrange for dining, hotel, and ground transportation to be taken care of already by Pegasus Aircraft Management. Should plans change or adjustments need to be made, PAM works around the clock to accommodate aircraft owners and their passengers.

Executive Aircraft Management: Best of Both Worlds

Pegasus Aircraft Management provides the safety and dependability of a world class aviation team, plus the education and analytics that will assure you get the most out of your valuable investment. Contact Pegasus Aircraft Management today and join their exclusive group of owners benefiting from executive aircraft management!

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