Private Charter Flights vs. Commercial Travel

In the last couple of years, the media has reported controversies surrounding commercial airline carriers. With all of this publicity, it has become evident that many consumers are seeking an alternative for their travel needs. A growing trend is emerging in business and leisure travel: private charter flights. The use of charter flights has increased tremendously in in the last decade, and there are several reasons why private charters are becoming a common alternative to commercial airlines.

Private Charter Jet Experience

Chartering your own private flight has many practical benefits- namely, offering the most convenient and safe travel in the airline industry. Competing against a massive commercial airline industry, private charters have had to make quality and safety a paramount point of differentiation. Private charters distinguish themselves by only sourcing the highest quality aircrafts available, and holding themselves accountable to very scrupulous maintenance inspections, repairs, and records. Charter flight pilots are selected from an elite talent pool with only the most experienced and qualified selected.

Additionally, charter jet crew professionals are vetted to the highest standards possible and must undergo regular rigorous safety and service courses. The convenience of a private charter flight cannot be understated. Imagine walking to your very own charter- being greeted by world class professionals and waiting in absolutely zero lines. This is a far cry from the standard airport experience the majority of consumers still endure.

A private charter flight is a luxurious and memorable experience in itself with world class sleeping accommodations, limitless options for food and drink, and state of the art entertainment. This luxurious experience is an entire new set of memories for your dream vacation, or some much needed reprieve from business travel.

Commercial Flight Travel Experience

In contrast to the personalized experience of charter flights, commercial airlines leave consumers rat racing through congested airport terminals with tight security measures. This often results in lengthy delays and cancellations to flights, which are of course paid at the consumer’s own monetary and emotional expense. Once consumers board commercial airlines, the experience does not get much better. Lengthy flights are spent in cramped quarters with little accommodations or personal storage availability- which consumers are also paying for out of their own pockets.

The inconsistencies and stress related to commercial airline travel can be particularly problematic for business travel. Imagine you’re going to close a deal with an important client only to have your flight moved or cancelled. Your meeting then has to be postponed, and the client decides to pursue a different route- leaving you frustrated and financially strapped over someone else’s mistake. With a private charter flight, this never would have been an issue in the first place.

Chartering a Private Flight is a No Brainer

When considering the state of the art safety measures, elite pilot and crew, and the luxurious accommodations of private charter planes, it quickly becomes obvious that charters are a much better alternative to commercial flights! Save yourself the headache and guess work and enjoy the peace of mind of chartering your own flight.

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