Aircraft Management & Upkeep with Pegasus Elite Aviation

Pegasus Elite Aviation clients around the world are taking advantage of the impeccable service and luxurious experience of chartering their own private flights. But, behind the sleek exterior and smooth navigation that defines Pegasus to its elite clients, is world class aircraft maintenance and scrupulous standards being upheld to ensure the safest and most comfortable flights possible.

It is a big decision to invest in private charter flights. The attention to detail and safety of an aircraft management provider must be paramount to any investor. Pegasus Aircraft Management offers the comprehensive care and around the clock support needed to keep its charter flights flying the smoothest and safest possible. This gives their elite clients the peace of mind they deserve.

Pegasus Aircraft Management has been awarded respected safety ratings like Wyvern Wingman and the ARGUS Platinum Award. They also hold an FAA 135 Certificate providing World Wide Operations with an average fleet utilization of over 6000 hours.

Pegasus Aircraft Management’s HQ and dispatch center is located in a state-of-the-art 65,000 square foot VIP hangar in Van Nuys, CA. Here, Pegasus offers storage and parking arrangements to all its clients with 24 hour a day monitoring.


World Class Aircraft Maintenance Service and Worry Free Clients

There is a lot that goes into maintaining elite charter fleets, but this attention to detail is exactly what Pegasus Aircraft Management has established its world class reputation on.

Pegasus Aircraft Management schedules and executes all aircraft maintenance and repairs, administers all warranty claims, and stays on top of current maintenance manuals for aircraft and equipment. Pegasus Aircraft Management also plans and supervises all inspections and record keeping, log books, and billing for repair work — providing a comprehensive program for all scheduled and unscheduled maintenance.

Not into paperwork? Pegasus understands! Pegasus Aircraft Management maintains compliance with all service letters, bulletins, and FAA airworthiness directives. Looking to keep the sleekest aircraft possible? All valued clients have the option of storing their aircrafts in the aforementioned Pegasus HQ- here detailing and valet services are standard service.

So you’re ready to invest in a private charter? Maximize your asset with the best maintenance in the industry! Pegasus Aircraft Management is here for your full service needs —  ensuring the smoothest and safest charter flights worldwide. Contact us today!

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