Sales & Acquisitions

Pegasus Elite Aviation Partners with Aircraft Owners, Tailoring Our Services to Meet Your Needs.

Pegasus Elite Aviation is your source for everything you need to know about purchasing aircraft. We work closely with you to assure your needs are matched with the best possible selection in aircraft, at the best price. We assist you in an unbiased manner; we have no affiliations with aircraft manufacturers. We fully inform you of the steps necessary toward acquiring your plane, including market research, contract negotiation and pre-purchase inspections by our trained professionals, as well as an assessment of annual operating expenses, and if you wish to charter your plane when you are not using it, we can provide estimates of potential charter income and related tax advantages.

Once your purchase is complete, if your new airplane needs an interior reconfiguration or decor update, our staff works with you to produce the look you want while remaining within your budget constraints. Our goal is your complete satisfaction with your new aircraft; we would be delighted to then serve as your charter specialist.

Do you already have an aircraft but would like to upgrade? We can assist you in the sale of your current airplane, while aiding in your choice of the next. Pegasus Elite Aviation can, on your behalf:

  • Research the market
  • Inspect aircraft possibilities
  • Analyze sales strategies
  • Prepare marketing material
  • Screen potential buyers
  • Handle contract negotiations and preparations
  • Work with the best aviation attorneys
  • Address all FAA regulations

If you wish only to sell your plane without additional purchase, we assist in matching you with the right buyer. No matter what your goal, our objective is your complete satisfaction. Our team of professionals is here to serve you!