Air Safety


Pegasus Elite Aviation is WYVERN Wingman and ARGUS Platinum rated by the industry’s most widely-respected independent auditing agencies. These prestigious independent ratings demonstrates our ongoing commitment to safety and compliance. Our pilots receive annual training at CAE Simuflite in Dallas, Texas and Morristown, NJ utilizing full-visual/motion simulators and aircraft.

They are trained and practiced to handle everything from minor and major systems malfunctions, on-board fires, cabin decompression and emergency landing procedures.

Working in concert with the flight crew is our professional cabin staff, who also receive updated training on a regular basis. In the unlikely event of an emergency, your flight crew is prepared to handle whatever situation arises with confidence and professionalism. From the smallest detail to the obvious, our maintenance staff fine-tunes our planes following each flight in FAA-approved facilities. They are trained by our aircraft manufacturers and regularly update their skills to be the best in the business.